What is a memory foam pillow?
With a memory foam pillow filling, is the memory foam, under the influence of heat and pressure to complete the contours of the head. As a result, you have optimal support. High-quality, high-density foam, slow healing temperature sensitive material, developed for NASA, providing maximum comfort to neck and shoulder muscles to relax completely. The memory foam pillow feels quite sturdy and fixes your head, keeping you simply lie.

Why does a memory foam pillow orthopedic support?
Regardless of your body weight, you have the right support with a memory foam pillow. Your spine continues to hold the natural position, and the need to change of posture is reduced considerably. The pillow provides anatomical support combined with the pressure point relieving memory foam. Nasa Memory Foam pillows give you calm and comfortable sleep. Nasa Memory Foam pillows relieve pain, snoring and sleep related problems.

Sizes: 60 x 40 x 10/
60 x 40 x 12/10Cover: 100% quilted cotton percale
Filling: 100% visco elastic memory foam
Zipped refilling
Washable up to 60 degrees and is suitable for a dryer