– Relaxes the neck
– Optimum pressure distribution
– Anatomical shape
– Space travel technology

Sleeping intelligently

Medicpro is synonymous to ergonomics. He, who chooses ergonomics, sleeps intelligently.

The products in this series are characterized among others by the use of very comfortable visco-elastic foam. This material developed for and by space travel, reacts to body heat very accurately. Because of that it can shape itself perfectly to the contours of your body which provides you with ergonomically well-balanced support. Painful pressure points are reduced to an absolute minimum and optimum pressure reduction is revealed.

Already years after the first introduction the visco-elastic foam-rubber products are used in hospitals to prevent decubitus. (Bedsores) Due to the anatomical shape of the pillow and the interaction between foam-rubber and heat, the support of the neck and the head are guaranteed.

The Medicpro neck support pillow is available for any type of physique.