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Designed by HMG Bedtextiel

In 2005, the brand Sit&Joy was introduced by HMG Bedtextiel BV. It all started with beanbags. It later on proved to be a great success in the collection of Sit&Joy and expanded to dozens of products. Today, we offer different types of bean bags, lounge articles, unique pillows, sleeping elements, colorful bags, pillows and also cushions for your dear pet under various brands of Sit&Joy.

The Sit&Joy collections are manufactured and designed by HMG Bedtextiel BV, a company based in Eindhoven. In the past 25 years, HMG Bedtextiel BV has built up an excellent reputation and is known for its focus on the consumer needs and for its wide range of quality products at attractive prices.

Our regular customers already know: Sit & Joy means flexibility, reliability and quality for an affordable price. But it means even more. Thus we are faced with a colorful modern interiors and comfortable products. Our extensive dealer network extends even beyond Europe.


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